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Crazy Drivers & Crazy People

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Live another Day

Fool Cuts me off

Run me off the Road


Blind people should not drive

Can see for miles "Road Work" arrows

telling you to change lanes

FOOLS wait for the last sec.

Freeway Exit

I'm in the far right lane "Exit Lane"

This fool passed me on the right

Hello that is not a lane

Freeway Traffic Jam

So many people think is OK

to drive on the far right

It's not a lane Fools

NO Turn on Red

5 red street signs

posted no right turn on red

What a mess at the local Schools

people park in no parking zones

double parked


Single turn lane

Taxi passed a car

think they are GOD

Unlawful Passing: driving Abreast

Unlawful passing; driving abreast

Hello this is not California

Lane Change

This was just inches from me

Running Red Light


Jerk taking up two lanes

Road work

This fool did not want anyone to pass him

I did LMAO

Jerk with a death wish

What don't people See me

then the fool on a bike

Illegal Vender

There was a time, in the United States the word ILLEGAL meant something

Illegal Parking

Sign (NO PARKING Beyond this point) People above the Law?

Profanity on vehicle

The world has changed

Thief at Home Depot

One of Home depot heavy duty cart 

Accident waiting to happen

Old and new street makings

Company Parking

what are the white lines for?


13 May 2017 Fool lives another DAY

One day they will do this shit

with someone in a big old truck

that don't give a shit


put glass bottle on the road

5:20 pm 19 May 2017

Jones Blvd



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