Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.


Going to work today, I here this on the radio Anti-Bullying

Today in school I learned a lot
In Chemistry I learned NO ONE LIKES ME.
In English I learned I知 DISGUSTING
In Physics I learned I知 a LOOSER
Today in school I learned I知 UGLY
In gym I learned I知 PATHETIC and a JOKE
In History I learned I知 TRASH
In English I learned I make people SICK
At lunch I learned I sit on my own because I SMELL
In Biology I learned I知 FAT and STUPID
The only thing I did not learn in school today
Is why no one ever helps.


Honestly speaking that is SAD; very sad people treat others that way. The sad Reality is that 典hat is the way life is can never escape it.


You will have it all trough life. During school at work and some suffer with it at home.

Teach your children to be STRONG not WEAK.

I endured it kids use to call me a slut, guess they could not spell or pronounce my last name correctly {SULT}.

I have heard some call people with eye glasses [4 eyes]

So many people call this BULLYING. It痴 just stupid comments from ignorant people. Which you would not want them as friends any way. Ignore it and move on.

Bullying is being a new kid in school and some big and bad ass wants to how bad you are so they pick a fight with you. Make it so there is no backing down.


Either you stand there and take a beating or you fight back. Here is a clue 擢IGHT BACK
Me being the new kid, yes I won and lost many.
That is Bullying.

I don稚 give two shits what people say. Never have.
It words. In this world you can not be weak, Have to be strong.

Your dead wrong, if you think STUPID people only run off with their mouth in school. That is only the beginning.

Weak people will not last an hour in Marine boot camp. I made it all the way through.

The drill instructors would call all the young men Ladies, maggots and a lot of others things that I should not repeat here.

You will run into STUPID people at work, stores just about everywhere.

I try to teach my children:
They must be STRONG, don稚 be bothered with what stupid people say.

I also don稚 give two shits about the school zero policy on fighting.
All my children know they will be nice to others ignore stupid comments from ignorant people. NEVER - NEVER throw the first punch


but if someone touches them (ALL BETS OR OFF) protect yourself anyway you can.
People you have to be strong teach your children to be strong

Everyone has a combination of good and bad qualities
Learned a long time ago

[just can稚 fix stupid]



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