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Mikes Precision Tune

Mikes Precision Tune

Auto Care Craig Rd - Major Rip-Off



They have a right to charge what ever they want - but $86.92 to read codes?

wanted to charge $119 for a part you can get on line for $49 and a part that you don't NEED?????


April 2, 2011 Mikes Precision Tune Auto Care 2080 East Craig Road N. Las Vegas NV 89030

Dear : whom it may concern

March 25th you charged me $86.92 to check out my 2006 Isuzu Ascender.

it tends to be a rip off for anyone to charge so much for reading codes. and really a rip-off when you're just guessing.

If you bring up Invoice Number 10985 / estimate 36604 you can see what you said I needed done.

remember your were not even sure if that would fix the problem for code p0014 and p0506

First off - the part you wanted to charge $119.60 for ?- on line they sale them for $49 that's a big difference. (but that part was not needed).

for less than $4.00 - I got a can of B-12 that cleaned the Fuel injectction.

For less the $4.00 - I got carb cleaner and cleaned out the throttle body that was less than 20 min work.

Less than 8 miles of driving the engine light went off and I passed smog. with over 200 miles since then and still no engine light?

One might wonder if you were trying to rip me off, seeing as how you suggested a $500 fix over an $8 one.

Since you're in the auto industry, I'm sure you knew this option was available to me. I will be making a report with the BBB, as it just not right to suggest a part that was not even needed. Needless to say - I surly can NOT recommend your company to anyone. Thank you! Sincerely, Robert Sult AOS




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