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Barbara Williams

An Accumulation of Things   

By Barbara Williams

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My First Auto





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Kinship of Mary - Joyce - Barbara - Debbie - Robert E -Becky Sult

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born on 2 Oct 1824

Descendants William Franklin Ramsey

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Photo Album George Washington Sult Photo Album Bert Ray Sult
Photo Album Constance Marie Bonebrake Photo Album Ruth Marguerite Iverson
Photo Album Glenn Ralph Sult Photo Album Grace Margierite Scott
Photo Album Harvey James Ramsey Jr Photo Album Jean Marguerite Ramsey


Who am I

Robert Eugene Sult  AOS
It’s true a Libra genuinely wants to forgive everyone to keep the peace, so just give them a reason–any reason–and they’ll be happy to move on. Well it’s true for me.
I’m a Libra (30 Sept) so I tend to forgive and forget too quickly.
Sometimes it’s best to remember why and how you put your hand in the fire and understand why you got burnt.
I’m a real simple person. Don’t wish harm to anyone, well with the exception of one man
“Robert Z. Williams” the son of a bitch that killed my father.
For the most part, you can think of me as a mirror.
If you're cool with me, I'm cool with you, and the exchange starts. You come at me with disrespect and hate; it will come back to you 100 fold.

Born 30 Sept 1957
My parents going to name me Robert
It’s my understanding that it was my grandfather “Bert” that said give me a niddle name that starts with “E”

Which they did “Eugene” Robert Eugene Sult

Now if you take the first letter of my fisrt and middle name and add it to my last name.

Robert Eugene Sult = R.E.SULT = RESULT

                                                                                                     My mother came up with the saying – for the best RESULT conSULT SULT.


i.                ROBERT EUGENE 5 SULT was born on 30 Sep 1957 in Owosso, Michigan. He married (1) WENDY DOLORSE MINTEER,


daughter of William Minteer and Norma Jean Colaner, on 16 Apr 1977 in San Jose, Calif. She was born on 18 Mar 1959 in Ohio.


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